Monthly Match Breakdown

The monthly match is typically 4 firing courses. During a course of fire you may be required to do things like run, kneel, go prone or shoot offhand. ACTS uses paper and steel targets, they could move depending on the course of fire.

The slide show above features a few past ACTS firing stages, to give you an idea of the types of stages to expect.

ACTS will push your limits as a shooter, but every stage is designed to be completed safely! To get the most out of your experience, read the rulebook and don't outrun your ability to stay safe!

1. Read the Rules!

Have you read over the ACTS Rulebook? It has sections about Range Safety, Gear, Conduct and more. If you are a new shooter it is highly recommended to read it before you come.

2. Gear Check

  • Do you have a holster?
  • What level of retention?
  • How about a sling?
  • Mag pouches?
  • How much ammunition do you have?
  • 150rds rifle, 75rds pistol?
  • Do you have snacks for the range?

3. Register for Practiscore

ACTS uses Practiscore to run its matches. A Practiscore account is required to shoot. Please click the link below to create a Practiscore account if you do not have one.

Create Practiscore Account

4. Sign up for ACTS Match

Please click the link below to see a list of upcoming ACTS matches on Practiscore.

Find Match